Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Woodstock Chimes Of Earth Wind Chimes Gift Idea.

I am a little in love with these Woodstock Chimes Of Earth wind chimes.I first saw them in a shop on holiday years ago and just loved the way they looked and the way they sounded. I love the bronze colour, it is very warm and natural. The chimes have a really beautiful satisfying warm melodious sound. It feels soothing and calming to me.

These chimes are hand tuned to a universal five note scale. In the wind or a gentle breeze you will hear random patterns of amazing sounds. If you click through Woodstock Chimes of  Earth you can listen to the video of them playing in the wind. Soft, gentle, substantial and beautiful sounds...

I know some wind chimes are annoying. I have heard those rattly, high pitched screaming wind chimes that grate and annoy. I would never have those in the garden.They would annoy me and the wildlife. 

These Woodstock Chimes Of Earth however are totally in a different class. The wildlife do not appear to be worried by them at all and they have a calming effect on the garden with the added advantage of making any other noise like traffic less noticeable. 

As a gift they are stunning. They are quite substantial measuring 37-inches in length from top of gather ring to the base. The top is wood with a bubinga finish that is weather resistant. It has 6 bronze aluminium tubes that it says do not rust.

I personally would not leave it out in the depths of my winter when its blowing gales and raining all the time. I feel that would not be sensible and I wouldn't gain any benefit from it then as i would not be outside to hear it either! I would leave it out all Spring, Summer and Autumn/Fall though unless very bad weather or gale force winds were forecast, so I could enjoy it. 

As long as you know the person you are gifting to likes wind chimes and has somewhere outdoors to safely hang them this is a beautiful gift that will be treasured.

You can even make this gift extra special by taking it to a local store to have the wind catcher  engraved with a personal message. 

It is a beautiful item to have in the garden and what a wonderful sound to accompany the gardener as you work in the garden! As a gift to a loved one or a gift to yourself , if you like wind chimes you will love this one ! 

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Gift Ideal For Gardening Beginners -Garden Tools Set

Scuddles Garden Tools Set - 9 Piece Heavy Duty Gardening tools With Storage Organizer, 

If you are wanting to buy a gift for a gardening beginner or are a new gardener yourself this 9 piece gardening tools set with a mat is a wonderful and very useful present. 

We all need a variety of good garden tools. We can have an established garden that needs ongoing care,or we may have just moved into a newbuild garden with nothing in it, or have moved into an older property with its own garden that is well tended or neglected, packed full or empty. Which ever way there is a need to tend it well if we want it to look beautiful and be welcoming for nature, and wildlife. 

 It may be that your grown child has moved into a new home and they now need to do their own gardening or want to get into beautifying ther outdoor space or develop an interest in attracting bees and butterflies to their new garden. It could be a new hobby or interest for someone newly retired. Maybe you have a new found interest in nature, wildlife and gardening or know someone who does. 

Even if we only have a small garden or balcony these tools will be useful for use in pots and containers and evenin a very small space we can still plant and garden for bees and butterflies and do our bit for nature.

This gift will give them all the hand tools they need to get started. The pieces are Ergonomic Hand Digging Weeder, Rake, Shovel, Trowel, Sprayer, Gloves all with a mat and storage organiser.

 Scuddles gives a handy guide to what each tool is to be used for as well-from the page:-

"Transplanting Spade – Used for transplanting your smaller plants or flowers without damaging the roots.

Trowel – This is used for getting the dirt dug up and with the measurements on the trowel getting to the right depth for the plants you are working with.

Rake – The rake you can use for smoothing over the soil that you have just turned up or breaking up the larger clumps of dirt that you have in your garden.

Cultivator – The cultivator tool will be useful for breaking up the dirt and providing some much needed aeration to the soil in the lower levels.

Weeder Tool – The weeder tool will be useful for helping you in getting the weeds root system turned up and exposed to allow the weeds to die off from the garden.

Garden sprayer - Whether you need to spray a plant or water some soil we have included a unique water bottle sprayer for doing just that.

SOFT AND CUSHIONED KNEELER PAD - You can use this garden kneeler & seat as a sitting stool to do chores or flip it over to use as a kneeler to do your garden work"

Whether the garden is large or simply a balcony, these tools will be great to work in borders, troughs and pots and so suitable for large or small gardens, flower and vegetable gardening. 
So especially if you are looking for a gift for a new gardener, a Birthday, Housewarming or other occasion this Scuddles Garden Tools Set - 9 Piece Heavy Duty Gardening tools With Storage Organizer would be a very welcome and useful gift. 

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Pond Cleaning Outdoor Gardening Gloves.

Briers Drain & Pond Cleaning Outdoor Gardening Gloves

I like to have several pairs of gardening gloves for different uses around the garden. I do like the feel of warm earth and plants, but I do have quite sensitive delicate skin so I need to be sensible. 

Gloves keep my hands clean and reduces the risk of cuts and abrasions and any risk of coming into contact with allergic reactions from some plants. In the colder months they go some way to keeping my hands a bit warmer. This is even more relevant when talking about working in or clearing a wildlife or indeed any other type of pond. 

Some gardeners prefer to garden without gloves and I understand that. Personally I need gloves and especially for those really messy jobs like clearing the pond. These Briers Drain & Pond Cleaning Outdoor Gardening Gloves  are great for that as they are arm length so no water seeping in over the top. They are also elasticated at the top for extra protection and are of course waterproof. They are one size but I imagine will fit most people OK. 

Especially in a wildlife garden there will also be quite a lot of organic matter and you will want to be careful when removing debris so that you do not harm any wildlife. It is always best to put any weeds you remove on the side of the pond for a while so that any small creatures can escape back into the water before you dispose of it. 

The gloves are very useful as you can grasp and move plants around as well without getting cold water and mud literally up to your elbows or armpits! I find it hard to have my bare hands in cold water for very long so a nice covering and long gloves are essential.

So probably not a product you need every day or even every week, but when you do need them they are very useful indeed! If you know someone who has a wildlife pond they could be a very welcome and thoughtful gift. 
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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Gardening Gift Of Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault

To a gardener the gift of seeds is a special one. Now that Christmas and New year are over my thoughts always turn to when can I get back in the garden and buying and growing seeds is an important part of that hope. 

I love how when I buy or receive seeds there is the promise of lovely flowers and tasty vegetables. I love that I get to plant them as tiny seeds, tend them and watch them grow step by step into wonderful plants. I enjoy the whole process.

 It is no quick fix, but eternally satisfying and gives a sense of pride and joy to know you grew your own plants from seed. 

So when I came across this amazing pack of vegetable seeds I had to tell you about it. In 15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault  there are 32 different vegetable seed types which are non hybrid and non GMO which will be important to many people. 

There really is nothing like raising your own veg, picking it fresh from the garden and then eating it. The taste is so different from supermarket veg and somehow you savour it so much more.

If you know anyone who would enjoy growing these then it would be a lovely gift. Or you might like them yourself !

There are full planting and growing instructions for each vegetable  and this pack giving over an acre of food could feed a family !  

1. Tomato Beef Steak ≈ 180 seeds 
2. Eggplant Black Beauty ≈ 80 seeds 
3. Bean Tendergreen Green Bean ≈ 20 seeds 
4. Zucchini Dark Green ≈ 25 seeds 
5. Lettuce Buttercrunch Butterhead ≈ 2280 seeds 
6. Lettuce Ruby Leaf ≈ 2280 seeds 
7. Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson ≈ 2280 seeds 
8. Brussels Sprouts Catskill ≈ 230 seeds 
9. Bell Pepper California Wonder ≈ 40 seeds 
10. Radish Cherry Belle ≈ 180 seeds 
11. Okra Clemson Spineless ≈ 50 seeds 
12. Beet Detroit Dark Red ≈ 180 seeds 
13. Onion Evergreen Bunching ≈ 200 seeds 
14. Cabbage Golden Acre ≈ 280 seeds 
15. Corn Golden Bantam ≈ 45 seeds 
16. Cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo ≈ 20 seeds 
17. Winter Squash Jumbo Pink Banana ≈ 10 seeds 
18. Kale Vates Blue Scotch ≈ 280 seeds 
19. Lima Henderson ≈ 15 seeds 
20. Swiss Chard Giant Fordhook ≈ 90 seeds 
21. Cucumber Marketmore ≈ 40 seeds 
22. Spinach Noble Giant ≈ 130 seeds 
23. Carrot Scarlet Nantes ≈ 1750 seeds 
24. Turnip Purple Top ≈ 430 seeds 
25. Pumpkin Sugar Pie ≈ 15 seeds 
26. Cauliflower Snowball Y ≈ 280 seeds 
27. Pea Sugar Daddy ≈ 25 seeds 
28. Broccoli Waltham ≈ 330 seeds 
29. Winter Squash Waltham Butternut ≈ 25 seeds 
30. Sunflower Mammoth ≈ 20 seeds 
31. Parsnips Harris Model ≈ 250 seeds
32. Celery Tall Utah Improved ≈ 3000 seeds
(Plus 14-Page Growing and Seed Saving Guide)

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Monday, 13 June 2016

Bird Bath An Essential Garden Item

I love birds and while many people feed birds I have noticed that a lot less have a bird bath in the garden to help them.

In many ways a Birdbath is probably more important, or certainly as important as putting out food. 

Birds need to drink and in hot weather a bird bath can be a lifesaver. when they have chicks to feed and eggs ti incubate having a clean , fresh source of water nearby saves a lot of hassle for our birds!

Birds need to bathe. They need to keep their feathers clean and fresh and I have often seen birds in our birdbath just sitting in it resting keeping nice and cool, so essential on hot muggy summer days. 

In winter also water is important and again safe clean water that is not frozen over and this can be your birdbath. You just need to make sure that you empty it out and refill with fresh water daily or couple times a week as you can and to keep it clean.

For anyone who loves birds and their garden and likes to garden with wildlife I think a birdbath is essential. In fact we have one but I really want another one as there is such a demand from the local birds now ! I provide them with a lovely water hole and they provide me with wonderful bird watching opportunities all year round. :) 

There are many types of birdbath from the traditional to very modern. Some have solar power panels to light a nice glow at night, some you can fix to fences or have on the patio. Some are large, some much smaller. Some are traditional colours others can be found in bright cheerful colours. They can be made from glass, stone, resin, cast iron etc.  Really the birds don't mind as long as its fresh clean water! 

So take a look at these and if you are thinking of buying a gift for a gardener, especially if they also love birds and bird watching,  you can't go far wrong ! 

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wishing all readers of "Essential Wildlife Gardening Gifts" who celebrate it,  a wonderful time over Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

I look forward to sharing more gardening gifts with you soon. 
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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Loving My Sloggers Garden Shoes and Boots, A Great Gift.

Lovely And Practical Sloggers Garden Shoes

Sloggers Women's Rain and Garden Shoe with "All-Day-Comfort" Insole, Midsummer Black Print - Wo's size 8 - Style 5102BK08 

  I Love these beautiful and practical Sloggers Garden shoes. I have wanted some garden shoes like these for ages! 
Yes these are certainly more for the humans than for the wildlife, but if you are going to get out there, creating habitat for your garden wildlife and feeding the birds and all the other jobs then you will need a good pair of shoes or boots. 

They come in a huge variety of colours from reds to blues to greens and creams and a great selection of patterns and plains.

For me the florals are my favourite, but if you take a look down the page you will see a selection of the other colours and plains.There is also a good range of sizes so there should be one to fit for most people, although smaller sizes are more difficult to find. 

These are fun, stylish and practical waterproof shoes.
With the comfort insoles and soft flexible upper and made form 50% recyclable materials these are a great pair of shoes.

Sloggers Shoes In The Garden

I am a keen gardener and also always in and out to fill up feeders, clean the bird baths etc so I am often in and out of the garden. We have a front garden that looks out onto other houses and a secluded back garden.

Especially if I am going out the front I need something on my feet as we have gravel as well and that is no good for popping out in your socks or barefoot!

In the back garden we do have grass but I do prefer to wear something on my feet even when just going out to do a quick tidy up or just to look at the garden. Prior to Sloggers shoes I ruined many a pair of slippers as once wet or damp they never seem to really recover !

These Sloggers boots and shoes have great traction and therefore safety in mud and water due to their "Deep-Lug-Tread"

In warm weather I certainly prefer the shoes. There were so many times when I really didn't want to wear wellies and neither did I want to potentially ruin my normal shoes going out in to the garden.

However in winter the boots look like they would keep me dryer and a bit more able to cope with our often very muddy, wet soil and often deeper snow! 

We have heavy clay soil and it does hold water so any shoes going into the garden after a rain shower and all autumn and winter and spring are going to get wet and potentially a bit muddy.

Also in summer the shoes are so very handy then for just slipping on and going out, no fuss no hassle. In these garden shoes my feet stay dry and the shoes themselves can easily be wiped clean.

Tending The Garden

Source: Authors Own

Suitable For Which Jobs In The Garden?

I am not saying the Sloggers garden shoes are suitable for every single job in the garden.

Personally I would wear the boots if doing heavier work or especially digging. If it has been very wet or is raining I would put those to work. 

If its a job where my feet could be at risk from something very heavy dropping on them I would also wear a shoe or boot with a reinforced toe or top to it for my safety.

However, often like to pop out to tend to a few plants on the patio or in the bed near the house, feed the birds, make a bug hotel or many other little jobs, its not always necessary to put on safety boots.

These Sloggers garden shoes are ideal for ease of use, just popping on and out with no fuss.

So from now on they are used for when I am doing all those little yet time consuming jobs around the garden.

For me those are watering the garden, pruning the plants, washing the feeders, sowing seeds, doing some weeding, picking herbs for the table and tending the raised beds in particular.

Sloggers Cut To Fit Half Size Insole.

Sometimes you need a shoe or boot to fit just right and lets face it our feet do not always conform exactly to the sizes of shoes and boots. You may find this half sizer adjust insole is useful to you if you just need to adjust the fit by half a size.

Sloggers Ankle Boots

I also love these Sloggers Garden ankle boots. Just a little more secure if you like more coverage over your foot and with all the great designs of the shoe. Possibly more suited to Spring and Autumn gardening or if you just prefer an ankle 

They would provide more coverage and perhaps feel more secure. I would think about the ankle boots for gardening in the Spring or Autumn/Fall time I think when It would be nice to have a little more around the foot.

The ankle boot has an all day comfort insole for foot comfort and a heavy duty tread for grip and safety. Of course made from 100% recyclable materials and the sole contains 50% recycled material.

In terms of other uses for these shoes I have also been known to pop round to the nearby post box in these and bring the bin back in and all those little jobs where you want outdoor shoes but do not want to wear your normal shoes or heavy boots.

So whether its shoes or ankle boots they do the job, but its more than that.You also look stylish and fun!

Wearing these patterned garden shoes gives me comfort and practicality and I can wear them with pride!

No more tatty shoes than really have had their day and been consigned to be garden shoes but are not really made for that job at all.

Instead looking and feeling great -yes- even while enjoying my garden :)

I would love to hear if you have got these type of shoes/boots or are a keen gardener.


LisaMarieGabriel profile image
I like the look of the ankle boots, since I broke my ankle I appreciate any extra ankle support..

Adventuretravels profile image
Adventuretravels  London UKI don't have a pair of these but they sound perfect for all sorts of weather.

mel-kav profile image
I usually just wear old tennis shoes. I would love to have a pair of these - but unfortunately, I can't find any in my size. Yes - I have tiny feet - size 3 (US). 

I'm a barefoot gardener! My soil is so silky and soft that I love trotting around un-trod. However, it's not always practical, so I'm happy to read this shoe review. Sloggers look like a great shoe for me on days I need shoes, and I love the array of colors! 

DawnRae64 profile image
DawnRae64 USA
These are awesome! I especially like the ankle length pair!.

Diana Wenzel profile image
Diana Wenzel Colorado
These shoes look just perfect. I could sure put them to good use. And what a great price, too.

Sylvestermouse profile image

Wow! These shoes sound totally awesome! I really do need them. I have lost count of how many pairs of tennis shoes I have ruined while gardening. Thank you for the recommendation. I had never seen these shoes before and you won me over big time with the comments about them just wiping clean and you feet staying dry..

Ruthi 18 months ago
I am thinking these Sloggers would be great for my beach walks too! Especially during low tide when I am walking in the mucky sand that sucks the shoes right off my feet. I want the paw print in green design! I also looked at the ankle boots, which might come in handy too.

vegetablegardenh profile image
vegetablegardenh 20 months ago
Those look great. Our soil is heavy clay as well, it gets so sticky in the winter that I keep losing my gardening shoes, The Sloggers look like they would stay on your feet.

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